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When it comes to repairing your pool, there’s no reason to let yourself experience stress or anxiety. We are factory trained  and certified, so why not let us take care of your pool repair problems? We don’t want you to miss out on any fun under the sun, so call us today.

Here are some of the pool repair services we can provide:

Pumps, Motors and Filters

We’d love it if pools operated seamlessly forever once they were installed, but we understand that, over time, things happen. Pumps, motors and filters are crucial to the health of your pool and unfortunately, they wear out.


We recommend upgrading to a variable speed pump/motor when your current one stops working. Although this requires a bit more initial investment, a variable speed motor or pump can save you between $600 and $1,300 on your electricity bill every year after.



We we want you to be comfortable in your pool. If you have a heater installed, they will require regular inspections and upkeep. In fact, your insurance may deny coverage if your heater is not inspected and cleaned on a yearly basis. If the heater stops working or becomes damaged and requires some attention, we can get it back to normal. If you don’t have a heater but would like to have one installed, call today for your free quote.



Do you like to relax after a stressful day by taking a nice, long dip in the pool? Once the sun sets, having working lights can make your pool experience a better one. We would be more than happy to illuminate your pool by installing or replacing broken or weathered lights. New LED light systems will both allow you to have less of an impact on the environment and your electricity bill.


Discolored Plaster

The best way to deal with discolored plaster is an acid treatment. It is less expensive than re-plastering the entire pool. We wash all of the plaster with a mixture of water, a plaster whitener, a stain remover/inhibitor, and muriatic acid. This process eliminates the tough stains and yellowing of the pool. 



Pool Mastic

Pool Mastic is the sealant that goes into the expansion joint between the coping and deck. Mastic allows for some movement in the deck while retaining a seal. It also gives the deck room for movement before pushing on the coping which can dislodge tiles.



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